How an ISO (Management Systems) implementation

Standard-and-process-mapping.png December 12, 2021

There are several reasons to start an ISO implementation process and the demand for this differential has grown more and more. However, it is common that many companies face difficulties when seeking certification, especially when the organization is in its first process.

Obviously, the first step is to acquire a standard and study it. Train a professional so that they can lead the implementation and delegate activities as necessary. But after that, what are the next steps?

In this article, we’ll understand some basic steps in this process and better understand how it happens. After this article, you’ll know what your next step is and if your ISO implementation process is on the right track!

Standard and process mapping

The first step, then, is to map the process and compare them with the standard that will be implemented. At this point, it will be possible to understand which good practices of the standard are already in place in your company and which ones are not.

Not everything that the standard brings may be new for your company and, sometimes, some processes are already present in your daily life. In these cases, it may only be necessary to make a little adjustment or even create a way to document what is already done.

So, first, it is interesting to have in hand the current situation of your management system. Here, process mapping can help a lot to understand what will need to be created to meet the standard and improve the company’s management.


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